Ayurved Sutra Magazine Interview

Erkin Bek is the author of his vision and the book ”All Here”. He talks to Shruti Prabhakar from Ayurved Sutra magazine about his vision.

He was a successful entrepreneur in the initial years of his career. Later he stepped on the inner path towards self-fulfillment, which culminated in an unprecedented achievement of liberation and inner fulfilment in recent years. He is a dedicated proponent of Raja Yoga and a widely liberal lifestyle. From the Himalayas to Delhi, where he’s a frequent resident, he travels the world and gently promotes a healthy and enlightened approach to life.

What is your book ‘All Here’ about?

Is the author of ‘All Here’ a seeker too?

In one of your poems, you have written that there is ‘No spirituality, consciousness, the spirit in separate existence’. Can you define the word ‘Separate’ here?

What path should one follow to achieve fulfilment? Have you achieved it? Can you please talk about your journey?

You are a follower of Raja Yoga. As a seeker how will you define Raja Yoga and the effect it had on you?

Can you tell us how you met Dr Rajesh Singh and what influence he had on you?

Yoga and Meditation have been receiving its due attention. But the understanding of yoga has been limited to merely its physical context while so called spiritual activities can be seen taking place in the name of meditation. Your comments?