The Journey The Book
A place where
You are always great
I am great
Everyone is great
The best moment of life is when you can be completely here.
A sensation of arriving

What if you could stop looking “over there” for your happiness from others or material objects?

If you could tune out the noise of the world, and tune in instead to your innermost self.

The Home within you
Wherever you are, You are always at home.
By living to the fullest of your desires and longings, you can go beyond them towards something absolutely essential.
From “multiple things over there” to the singularity of being
“All Here”
Gravitate towards the essential version of yourself
Concentration practice of All Here is essentially founded on the principle of
Concentration practice of All Here is essentially founded on the principle of
Land into minimal & essential version of self

A retreat, where you rejuvenate and self empower.

For a lifetime.

I. Raja yoga
The meditational & intellectual final path of yoga
II. Meditation empowered by Science
An innovative modern approach is being developed to build the world’s foremost neuroscience-based meditation platform that relies on meditation practice empowered by technology.
Stay tuned for a major announcement of collaboration with a leading scientific institution
Meditation: A continuous lifestyle
Establishing a vertical column of consciousness
From Brain to Chest, down to Gravity Center.
All Here reveals inner presence at these key levels,

enabling clarity, emotional comfort and overall balance.
All Here!
Nothing there!
Himalayan retreat of All Here
An immersive meditation and fitness retreat in the Indian Himalayas will open its doors in 2024
Inspiration for your journey
Discover poems on meditation and inner fulfillment to advise you on your journey.
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A new way of life of personal empowerment & long-term happiness
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